About Me

My name
is Colin Croy and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, United States. I’m a guitar
player, an electrical engineer, and a music enthusiast, especially for analog
equipment. I’ve been designing and repairing audio equipment since 2016.My hometown of St. Louis is known for the mighty
Mississippi River, the Budweiser beer headquarters, the Cardinals baseball
team, the Blues hockey team, and, of course, music. It’s also the birthplace
for the likes of Miles Davis, Chuck Berry, and Tina Turner.

In 2023, I moved to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan and opened up
shop in the Shiroishi Ward of the city. 
I’m excited to bring my passion for music electronics to Hokkaido and
beyond. I am currently studying Japanese, but I am still a beginner, so I
really appreciate your patience. I believe music transcends language, and with
a little help from Google Translate and gestures, I’m really excited to get to
know the music community in my new home. Please stop by anytime even if it’s
just to say hello!