• Setup

    A setup is recommended anytime the player wishes to improve the playability of the instrument. Recommended for adjustment of newly purchased instruments as well as combating changes related to time and temperature changes.

  • Pickup and Electronics Repair and Replacement

    If your guitar has issues with intermittent sound output or crackling and popping when using the controls, cleaning or replacement of the internal electronics may be necessary. If you want to change the overall sound of the guitar, we can change pickups to your specification.

  • Nut and Saddle Work

    If playability and tuning issues are not addressed by a normal setup, nut and saddle adjustments may be necessary to improve the playability of the instrument. Recommended when there is noticeable chattering or playing issues or when changing string gauges.

  • Fretwork

    Frets wear, age and tarnish with time and playing. Periodic flattening, and recrowning is needed to maintain the playability of the instrument. If frets are worn beyond a certain point, a partial or full fret replacement may be needed to bring the guitar back into playing shape.