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2002 Greco BM-90

2002 Greco BM-90

Beautiful early 2000s example of Greco's copy of Brian May's Red Special guitar.  The previous owner of this guitar made several upgrades to the guitar to make it closer to the original guitar played by Brian May of Queen.

The previous owner replaced the cheap greco pickups with genuine Burns Trisonic pickups, upgraded the tuning pegs to high quality locking Gotoh pegs and made a higher quality tremolo arm for the bridge.

When I received the guitar, I gave it a cleaning and setup as well as checked all electronic functionality.  The guitar is in very good condition and has very little fretwear.

This guitar not only does a great job at recreating all of Brian May's famous guitar tones, but also has a great tonal versatility that makes it a great guitar for any type of music!  A great guitar for a Queen fan or for somebody looking for a very versatile and high quality instrument.

comes with guitar bag.


Body - Solid Mahogany Body

Neck - Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard

Pickups - Genuine Burns Trisonic Pickups

Hardware - Gotoh locking tuning pegs, Greco bridge and tremolo

Case - Soft case included

Weight - 3.55kg

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