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Croy Tone Audio Technologies

CroyTone Audio Technologies 6.35mm Cable

CroyTone Audio Technologies 6.35mm Cable


Good cables are as essential for the tone and quality of your sound as anything else in your signal chain. Cables that are durable, flexible, well constructed and look dang cool are essential to creating the best link between equipment possible.

For the new CroyTone Audio Technologies cables feature Canare GS-6 cable and F-15 plugs. Canare is a great Japanese company producing amazing cable products. The GS-6 is more flexible and durable than other cables I have tried and have low internal conductor resistance (18mOhms/meter) and capacitance (160pF/meter).

The cables also feature a TechFlex covering in multiple colors and yellow heat shrink at the connectors to add style as well as added durability!

Cable Length: 5 Meters

Cable: Canare GS-6

Connectors: Canare F-15

Covering: TechFlex

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